Enhance Your Kitchen with Stunning Granite Countertops in Frisco

Get an enduringly gorgeous and classy look for your kitchen or bathrooms with granite countertops in Frisco. HS Sons, LLC, has the skill and mastery you need for designing and installing Frisco granite countertops. Our local team can provide the experience to give you the beautiful and durable counters you want in your home for a new look you’ll absolutely love.

Granite counters in Frisco are one of the best ways to add value to your home while helping to create a stunning space. At HS Sons, LLC, we are committed to providing you with exceptional service from start to finish. Contact us today to schedule a free in-home consultation and upgrade to Frisco granite countertops.

Why Choose Granite Countertops in Frisco?

Granite is the perfect natural material for your home; it is composed of quartz, mica, and feldspar, then cut into a slab and polished. Granite is one of the top choices for homeowners because it adds a beautiful aesthetic touch to homes, it’s durable, and the price makes it a worthy investment. 

Although it is a highly durable material, it is porous, which can lead to staining. Professional polishing can help you avoid any stains. The benefits of granite countertops make them worth the cost as they allow for custom designs and tend to outlast other materials.

One of the best things about granite kitchen countertops in Frisco is that you can have them crafted with different edge profiles to fit your style. Choose from bevel, straight, bullnose, and many more. Our experienced team at HS Sons, LLC, can review all of your options to help you make the perfect choice for your home.

Granite kitchen countertops in Frisco are more affordable than ever, creating a luxurious yet approachable look for your home. Granite counters in Frisco are also an excellent choice for bathroom vanities as they can handle heat and moisture while being hard to scratch.

Bathroom With Sinks

Your Home Needs Frisco Granite Countertops

Frisco granite countertops can elevate your home in many ways. The expert installation of these countertops will increase your home’s value and enhance your quality of life. If you need your kitchen or bathroom counters upgraded with granite in Frisco, TX, you can count on the Frisco granite countertop experts at HS Sons, LLC.

It all starts with an in-depth, in-home consultation to understand your needs. Then we get to work delivering quality results that upgrade your home’s style and functionality. Let us help you upgrade your home with Frisco granite countertops today.

Why Choose HS Sons, LLC for Granite Counters in Frisco?

At HS Sons, LLC, our team is highly skilled in the cutting, design, and installation of Frisco granite counters. We are focused on providing intense attention to detail to ensure your countertops are precision-crafted and installed.

You can count on our team to follow the exact specifications for your granite countertops. As a general contractor in Frisco, our extensive expertise in counters is unparalleled. HS Sons, LLC takes great pride in every project, something that is instilled by owner Michael Barker who guarantees that you will get the quality service and installation you pay for. What started as a family business over 100 years ago has continued to flourish for six generations, making HS Sons, LLC a trusted Frisco granite countertops installer.

From the moment you contact us, we will be at your service. Reach out today to schedule a free in-home consultation and discover how installing granite kitchen countertops in Frisco can take your home to the next level.

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