What We Do

HS & Sons, LLC: General Contractors is committed to giving you exactly what you want while maximizing your budget. We don’t nickel and dime.
We want you to be overjoyed when we’re done working for you.

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Whether you are looking to update your entire home or just fresh paint, or flooring HS & Sons, LLC: General Contractors has your back. It would be our pleasure to go over the ideas and vision you might have for your home. We take pride in making your dreams and visions a reality! Our expert staff will go over all your options and come up with a plan of action.


If your family has outgrown your current home and moving is not your option then we may have a solution. Our architect and construction supervisor will work with you to come up with solution that will serve your long-term goals for your home. If adding to your home to make it more marketable and attractive to today’s buyer is what you need then we can help.
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If your home is outdated and needs a facelift or you would like a more open floor plan for your home then we have the fix. If you have a new home that you’re looking to purchase but it needs some work done before hand then give us a call. One of our experts would be happy to work with you on the vision you have.

New Build

If you have land and looking to build out team of professionals can work with you from the ground up. From architecture designs, structural engineering, grading, surveys and plotting. Our team of professionals will get your new project of the ground.

Selection Consulting

If you are in the market for a new home and have questions, we can help. Home buying can be one of the most stressful experiences an individual can go through. Do not go it alone, we can help with the daunting process. Our experience in the sales and repairs of homes market in the DFW area is extensive. If you are a home investor wanting to increase your portfolio we can help. We have helped home investors with their next purchase and help grow their portfolio.

Home repairs

Your home is usually a person’s single most expensive purchase and investment. Why not take care of that investment? Home maintenance is usually the most neglected part of home ownership. Why not protect your investment by routine maintenance and services. So many of the costly repairs we have made in the past could have been avoided by simple maintenance. The reality it will cost much more later than now!

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